LiFe A123 6.6V 2300mah 30C battery. Genuine A123 cells. Comes with balance lead, JR & Deans type connector fitted.  $36
Bonka Batteries are a high quality LiPo. The IR of each cell is usually between 1.6 and 2.
Bonka Batteries  11.1v 2200mah 3S 45C Deans plug
                      $51     25x34x115
Bonka Batteries 14.8v 4S 3300mah 45C 27*43*137 340g
XT60 plug
Bonka Batteries 22.2v 6S 4200mah 55C 53*43*137 610g
XT90 Plug
LPB Power 22.2v 6S 4200 35C 53*43*137  627g
   XT60 plug