CY F260 26cc
CY F260 complete engine. 4 bolt cylinder. Excellent engines for the gas conversion of the TZ-V2 90
This is the new CY F-260 Motor with Muffler and Carburetor. This is a great motor that can be used in the gas conversion of the TZ V2 90 heli. This engine now has 4 cylinder bolts for added strength and a tighter seal at the cylinder base gasket. engine also features Torx 27 Hex Bolts.
 F - 260 Specification Model (2 Cycle Gasoline Engine)
 Displacement: 25.4cc
Bore Size: 34mm x 28mm
Fuel Recommend: Pre-mixed (25 Gasoline : 1 Engine Oil)
 Ignition Type: TDI
Carburetor: Walbro WT-668
Spark Plug: NGK: CMR7H
Starter Recoil
Height 199
Weight 2.24kg
F 260 New Version Engine Improvements: 1) 4-Bolt Cylinder 2) New Piston
 Big Muffler, High Flow


Test run and tuned engine extra $10