450SE V2 Parts
Parts will also fit most Trex 450 clones
325mm Fibre Glass main rotor blades $7.80
Complete head and tail rotor assemblies $60
Complete main rotor head assembly $45
Tail rotor assembly  $20
Main drive gear. 2 per pack $2.25
5 x Feathering shafts 4mm x 41mm $5.75
5mm Main shaft x 2  $5
Tail servo mounts. Aluminium $4
Main blade grips with thrust and main bearings $8
Pinions x 2. Your choice of 11T, 12T or 13T. Let me know what sizes you want $4
3.17mm shaft size
Top ball links. One less thing to adjust $1
Tarot ball link ends. High quality $6.60
Tarot swash plate levelling tool $7.20
Aluminium main booms x 2
220mm Flybar rods x 4  $4
Tail rotor blades $2
E-Tech GY200 Mems & AVCS Gyro. NOT Piezo rubbish
Very easy to set up and works excellent.
We have tested these and they are lock solid.
Digital pitch gauge  $25
Skid tubes $4.30