Dissclaimer & Advice
R/C helicopters are not toys. R/C helicopter utilizes various high-tech products and technologies to provide superior performance. Improper use of this product can result in serious injury or even death. Please read the manuals carefully before using and make sure to be conscious of your own personal safety as well as others and your environment when operating these products. Manufacturer and seller assume no liability for the operation or the use of this product. Intending for use only by adults who have remote control helicopters flying experience at a legal flying field. After the sale of this product we can't maintain any control over its operation or usage.
We recommend that you obtain the assistance of an experienced pilot before attempting to fly our products for the first time. A local expert is the best way to properly assemble, setup, and fly your model for the first time. They require a certain degree of skill to operate, and is a consumer item, any damage or dissatisfaction as a result of accidents or modifications are not covered by any warranty and can't be returned for repair or replacement
Fly only in safe areas, away from other people. Don't operate R/C helicopter within the vicinity of homes or crowds of people, R/C helicopter are prone to accidents, failures, and crashes due to a variety of reasons including, lack of maintenance, pilot error and radio interference. Pilots are responsible for their actions and damage or injury occurring during the operation or as of a result of R/C helicopter models.
1.Before every time fly, you must perform a complete check to the body and mechanical part of this model helicopter, including every link head, every screw bolt, if a problem is found, you must immediately maintain it and exchange components.

2.Before every time fly, you must check every movement direction of the model helicopter and movement amount being formed for normal. You must form such habit of operation sequence, before starting model helicopter, at first switch off receiver.
3. Before every time fly, you must check the battery of remote controller and receiver for sufficiency for flying and check the servo of it for normal in order to avoid helicopter's danger out of control.
4Before you fly, please investigate whether the frequencies of remote-control of your model plane friends fly identical to that of your helicopter remote-control. If identical please do not fly.
5. Before starting helicopter, please confirm if the batteries of remote control and receiver are switched on, if the movement is normal, if throttle position is in lowest place, if the switcher for flameout and landing is switched off and if other  switchers are back to normal positions.
6. After the model helicopter is started, the rotation speeds of main rotor and tail rotor are very high, so anyone must be 10meters away from the helicopter.
7. As an acceptable operator of remote -controlled helicopter, you must have safety concept and responsibility sense. Your flying must be responsible for safety of lives and properties of you selves and other people.
R/C helicopters fly at high speed, thus posing a certain degree at potential danger. Choose a legal flying field consisting of flat, smooth ground without obstacles. Don't fly near buildings, high voltage cables, or trees to ensure the safety of yourself, others and your model. For the first practice, please choose a legal flying field and can use a training skid to fly for reducing the damage. Don't fly your model in inclement weather, such as rain, wind, snow or darkness.
R/C models are composed of many precision electrical components. It is critical to keep the model and associated equipment away from moisture and other contaminants. The introduction or exposure to water or moisture in any form can cause the model to malfunction resulting in loss of use, or a crash. Don't operate or expose to rain or moisture.
Please use the replacement of parts on the manual to ensure the safety of instructors. This products is for R/C model, so don't use for any other purpose
The guidance provided by an experienced pilot will be invaluable for the assembly, tuning, trimming, and actual first flight.(Recommend you to practice with computer-based flight simulator).
Operate this unit within your ability. Don't fly under tired condition and improper operation may cause injury
During the operation of the helicopter, the main rotor and tail rotor will be spinning at a high rate of speed. The blades are capable of inflicting serious bodily injury and damage to you and the environment. Be conscious of your actions, and careful to keep your face, eyes, hands, and loose clothing away from the blades. Always fly the model at a safe distance from yourself and others, as well as surrounding objects. Never take your eyes off the model or leave it unattended while it is turned on, immediately turn off the model and transmitter when you have landed the model.
R/C models are made up various forms of plastic. Plastic is very susceptible to damage or deformation due to extreme heat and cold climate. Make sure not to store the model near any source of heat such as an oven, or heater. It is best to store the model indoors, in a climate-controlled, room temperature environment.