Mini K-Bar FBL Gyro
New Version : 5.3.4 PRO
The Mini K-Bar 3 axis gyro FBL controller complete with V 5.0 Express software, driver and manual, is an innovative product setting new standards for model helicopters in terms of flight performance and programming capacity. Excellent alternative to the high priced FBL units. Very easy to program, and highly tuneable for all flight conditions. Can be mounted either horizontally or vertical

Easy Start setup via PC or Control Panel
Programming Assistant (Setup Wizard): gets you ready for flight in 11 steps
Fine adjustments can be done at the field in your transmitter (no PC necessary)
5.3.4PRO latest software version.
Support satellite's.
Supporting 3Pcs servo cable.
You can set it via computer or with Android phones via bluetooth.
You have the latest version, the factory closed online update feature due to the copyright issues ,
do not upgrade by yourself..
Size(L*W*H) : 30 x 38x 13mm
Weight : about 12g