Soko Heli Toolbox
The Soko Kit is the tool for a precise, easy and fast setup of
swash plate level (at all pitch angles)• blade tracking• collective and cyclic pitch angle• servo mid and end points• fine tuning of linkage length• centre of gravity• absolute horizontal (spirit) level of helicopter• pitch angle of the tail blades
All this comes
• for all helicopter sizes
• for all helicopter brands
• with a resolution of 0.1 degree
• with instructions in our easy to use Soko Heli Toolbox mobile application
In addition to all the above, the Soko Kit allows a perfect calibration of Self-Level or Bail-Out gyros like the Skookum SK720, MSH Brain, iKon, Bavarian Daemon, etc. It eliminates all assembling and manufacturing imperfections during the recalibration process when using the traditional vertical main shaft method.
As there are countless combinations of helicopters and gyros we are sure that due to the versatility of the Soko Kit, you might even find additional useful applications for your brand of helicopter or gyro/fbl-unit.
The Soko Kit: Soko Gauge and Soko Helical
The main two parts of the Soko Kit are the Soko Helical and the Soko Gauge. The latter is the next generation of the well-known bevel box with a rotating and bigger display and an additional value for absolute (spirit) level.
The Soko Helical is where all the magic happens. It is the most versatile mounting platform for the Soko Gauge.
The best, fastest und easiest way to use the Soko Kit is with our Soko Heli Toolbox mobile application.

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